Ben Feenstra

Growing up Ben absolutely loved being in and around the pool! So many wonderful memories, times with friends & family! This is why Ben takes on new clients everyday. He is committed to ensuring that the pool is ready to support helping others to create similar memories!

Why Choose Us?

We love clean pools. There we said it. It’s so true, though. We love relaxing in a clean chemically balanced gorgeous pool. We translate this love to our clients through empathy. We are dedicated to ensuring that your pool is ready for you the moment the mood hits, “…I want to relax in the pool for a bit!”. Let us help you keep your pool BENchmark Perfect.

Fast & Efficient

We work through a extremely effective series of processes that helps maintain our standard of pool maintenance & care.

Chemically Ready

So often when people don't regularly take care of their pools, the PH balance can get off very easily. We are there to get it back on track.

Yelp Loves BENchmark!

We are committed to our customers and it shows with the reviews on Yelp!

Quick Service

Sometimes, you need repair on the pump, or some other aspect of your pool! We are there for you!

Baskets Cleared
Pools Skimmed
Happy Customers
Awesome Pool Days